Since 1985, Elite Fasteners Inc. has been producing external threaded fasteners and cold headed specials.

Elite Fasteners, Inc. has a diverse range of manufacturing capabilities. Our expertise covers diameters ranging from #3 through 3/8″ and lengths from 5/32” to 3” with metric equivalents available. We produce standard head styles, along with a variety of custom cold headed specials. Our product line includes Machine Screws, Tapping Screws, Thread Cutting Screws, Thread Forming Screws, Thread Rolling Screws, and Metallic Drive Screws.

We also offer a variety of thread profiles including, but not limited to High-Low, Tri Point, and Tri Round, and provide in-house head slotting, shank slotting, and sorting services. Our wide range of material options includes 1010, 10B21, 1022, 1038, 4037, 410ss, 430ss, 302ss (18-8ss), Brass (CDA 260) , Silicon Bronze (CDA 651), and we can provide the necessary certifications for material grade, heat treating, and finish requirements.

Elite Fasteners, Inc. provides standard certifications for material, heat treating, and plating, and also offers PPAP's and additional quality documentation upon request. Our standard lead time is 8 weeks, but we can also provide blanket releases and expedited deliveries to meet your JIT delivery needs. As a medium-sized manufacturer, we are capable of handling all of your requirements, yet flexible and versatile enough to adapt to the evolving needs of our customers. Our success is attributed to our focus on building strong relationships and partnerships with our customers. At Elite Fasteners, Inc., we take pride in being a reliable source of supply for all your fastener and cold headed special needs. Let us show you why others already trust us to be their valued supplier.

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